Dutch startup Hymn opens digital theatre for live concerts

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In brief:

  • New digital theatre for self-produced shows, creating ‘Hymn Originals’
  • Creative collaboration between artists and world-class production teams
  • Startup initiative from Thomas de Vrij (creative lead behind ‘Live on Dutch Waters’ for Martin Garrix) and Harald Dunnink (Co-founder and Creative Director of journalism platform De Correspondent)

Amsterdam, 7th May 2021 – From today, there’s a new digital theatre: Hymn. Specifically designed to give music lovers a new streaming experience, the theatre will feature Hymn Originals; shows that are self-produced in direct cooperation with an artist. At Hymn, every audience member has a front-row seat, and will always receive a ‘plus one’ ticket free of charge. Its founders envisage Hymn as the digital theatre of the future for global shows from international stars. The first Hymn show will be announced soon and will be shown in 31 countries in early June. 

A new stage

The Dutch startup was founded by Thomas de Vrij and Harald Dunnink, proven media entrepreneurs. Thomas de Vrij, backed by his production company Badbirds, was a driving force behind the internationally successful show ‘Live on Dutch Waters’ from Martin Garrix. That experience inspired him to initiate Hymn. For the role of COO, he approached Luc Peters, former board member of SBS Broadcasting and previously General Counsel at production company Eyeworks, acquired by Warner Bros. in 2014. With Creative Director Harald Dunnink, known for his roles as Co-founder of journalism platform De Correspondent and Founder of design agency Momkai, Thomas has found the ideal partners to shape this digital theatre. 

Hymn initiator Thomas de Vrij: “I used to recreate concerts in the garden with my little brothers because even back then I thought a live performance was the ultimate experience. The mutual emotion that you share as an audience and an artist is unique. I still think that feeling is missing in many online streaming solutions, and that’s what we want to change with Hymn. For us, the digital media format leads the way for the shows we produce. That allows us to connect the audience and the artist in our digital theatre in a new way.”

Highly respected professional team

To do justice to that mission, cooperation was forged with specialists at the top of the international music industry. Director of SR Films Bolke Burnaby Lautier, for example, is taking on the technical production of the first Hymn show, a role he has previously held for stars such as Coldplay, U2, Taylor Swift and The Rolling Stones. Renowned Belgian lighting company Arf & Yes is handling the lighting design, as they did last year for all the major online fashion shows, from Chanel and Dior to Givenchy and Versace. 

Co-founder Harald Dunnink: “No one is holding their breath for just another online platform. Artists deserve a fully fledged stage there as well. A new kind of theatre where the spotlight is on their musical ode. An original happening to be experienced together with the audience.”

COO Luc Peters: “It is a must for Hymn that the audience can be completely absorbed in the digital experience. For that reason, we’re developing our own technology and show productions.” 

The first artist to perform on Hymn will be announced soon.  

Note to editors, not for publication:

More information can be found at www.hymn.tv. For additional information or to speak with the Founders or wider team, please contact:

Ovide Agency (PR agency)

Kitty van Muiswinkel // Gijs Moonen

T: +31 (0)6 48648117 // +31 (0)6 28560293

E: kitty@ovide.agency // gijs@ovide.agency

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